Donghua MUN was established in 2005 and has successfully held 5 conferences, attracting delegates from various universities. By discussing and debating possible solutions for the most challenging global issues at a simulated United Nations conference, young delegates develop all-round abilities and gain knowledge of United Nations as well as international issues. Most importantly, the enthusiasm evoked by DHMUN will awaken the participants to look out beyond the campus to the larger world in which they will create their lives connected to the international community.

DHMUN welcomes Chinese students and international students to participate, fostering a rich exchange of diverse ideas and cultures. Donghua University has a high regard for MUN. Experienced faculty advisors and foreign teachers contribute to the guiding of MUN activities, triggering the interest in global affairs. The chairs and co-chairs of DHMUN have benefited a lot from active participation in MUN conferences at home and abroad, including AIMUN in Peking University, HKMUN in Hong Kong and TEIMUN in The Netherlands. Our chairs and delegates make DHMUN an exciting platform for discussion and debate, enhancing awareness of urgent current issues and international events around the world. With the enthusiasm and commitment of DHMUN team, chairs and delegates come together to make each conference in Donghua University a memorable and dynamic experience.